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Water softening systems Water softening systems

Filtering unwanted elements from your water

Ensure you are drinking the healthiest water possible when you have your filtration system installed, repaired or replaced by Apexx Kitchen & HVAC Equipment.

Hard water can damage your appliances over time. Prevent the effects of hard water using a commercial water softening system installed by us. The Aqua Blue Filtration System is designed to reduce water contaminants, scale buildup and electricity use. These softening systems are available in multiple sizes and styles. They will also improve the taste of your water, among many other benefits.

Water softening systems

High-pressure reverse osmosis (R/O) water filtration systems have been used for many years to treat water. These pump-driven systems can desalinate water and convert brackish or seawater into potable drinking water. These systems are made up of a variety of colored tubes and filters.

Using reverse osmosis

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A bottleless water cooler is a convenient way to provide hot, cold and ambient drinking water in your home or business. Some water coolers can even offer sparkling water and

ice cubes.

Add a bottleless water cooler

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